Emma Dooley

About Our Client

Emmadooley.com is a site designed for an artist. Emma Dooley is a London-born artist specializing in monochrome pen and ink drawings and photography.

With an English and American background, her work is inspired by the cities she has grown up in, visited or wishes to go to. Emma's drawings capture the skyline in a distinctive and striking manner; going beyond an initial glance her drawing depicts every brick, shadow, reflection and detail that is humanly possible to fit onto the A4 format she works on.

All of her work is drawn freehand, and takes around 40+ hours to complete.

Looking at Emma's work is a glimpse into the way she sees and interacts with her environment. Hyper-vigilant of every detail that surrounds her she sees beauty in the discord and dilapidated city.
Despite her love of art and all things creative Emma currently studies Psychology at university.
Aside from drawing, Emma has a keen interest in photography, jewelry making, biology, horticulture, music, and sports.

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"Mikey at MwebsAtWork is extremely talented, professional and patient. He was able to visualise what I wanted, as well as going above and beyond my own expectations and ideas that I had for my website. He collaborates along with you and really goes the extra mile to create the best product that he can. I couldn't have asked for a better website and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any one else!"
– Emma Dooley