About Our Client

Eneeks London native, Eneeks’ birthplace continues to inspire his music today. The youngest of 4 brothers in a West-Indian household, the sounds of Soul, Rare Grove, Reggae and Jazz often filled his house while growing up. His brothers then introduced him to Hip-hop music, and Eneeks instantly became a fan. As the youngest sibling, Eneeks would listen to the stories his family told each other around the dining table. So when at a young age, he decided to put pen to paper and document with poetry his life in London.

The richness of his family experience and their talent as orators began to show through in a young Eneeks. The next chapter of his story continues at school, where Eneeks would meet a group of friends that shared the same passion he had with music and poetry. Not knowing that this music would become such a big part of his life when his friends introduced him to rapping. The transition was complete, and the artist was born.
"Eneeks continues to evaluate his style and his passion constantly challenging the listener to take in every aspect of his complex thoughts. Like a painter, his music is his canvas and he writes with the purpose of illustrating a story for his listeners, there is no telling what else this year holds for this young rapper."
– Chris .S